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Six Sentence Sunday

I don’t go rummaging around in other peoples’ minds, thank you,” I said. “You’re reading too much into all this, Dane, so I pick things up quickly, big deal. I’m just a normal girl, other than the whole empath thing.”

“Is that really how you think of yourself? A girl?” he asked.

“What the hell else would I think of myself as?” I said, baffled.

“A woman,” he said. I flushed.


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Conflict with Conflict

I’ve been writing this argument scene for a couple days, and the dialogue just isn’t falling together for me. Everything sounds really awkward, and I can’t come up with better words for my characters to express themselves with. I think I have a really good sense of the emotions and the non-verbal aspects of the argument, but what they’re saying isn’t coming out right. When I run through the scene in my head, there’s a lot of gesturing and facial expressions and whatnot, but no dialogue. It’s frustrating! Sharing (and avoiding sharing) feelings is so awkward sometimes. I roughed in a few sentences, but it’s definitely something I have to come back to later.

In my own life, I’m a conflict avoider, so it’s no surprise to me I’m struggling with this one. Callie, however, can be a conflict provoker. She often speaks without thinking and will use words as weapons, so this is something I’m really going to have to work on, especially since there are many, many more conflicts in her future.

At least I have the luxury of doing what I’ve always wished I could in real life: going back and changing what I said hours later when I think of a way better line.