In the Beginning


I created this blog because I’m in the process of writing my second novel and I often want to talk about how the writing process is going for me, without boring all my facebook friends with the trivialities of this very narrow aspect of my life. If people are reading it, great. If no one is reading it, I’m still getting all the miscellany out of my head, which is also great. This is not about my life, just my book.


~ by Nicole Bross on April 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “In the Beginning”

  1. I will definitely be reading, so far you have intrigued my mind. I am always thinking about starting to write and have done research. I think your journey on your writing is a good one. Sometimes it is good to seperate your “narrow” aspect of your life. I wish you the best, I hope to one day see you on the best sellers list my friend.

I wrote, now you write.

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