A Question:

And I’m hoping as many people as possible will comment with their thoughts. Consider this a bit of research.

When you think back upon your childhood, how do you see it in your mind? Do you remember things as though you’re seeing them again through your own eyes, or more as an omniscient third person in the room watching yourself? I’m writing a sort-of-flashback, sort-of-mindreading scene, and I don’t know how to handle the way it unfolds. My own memories are a mix of both the above scenarios, leaning more toward the latter.

Help a girl out?


Oh Dear


Farewell, Summer


  1. Neither. It’s all disembodied sensations: the grit of uncooked brownie mix when my grandmother let me lick the bowl, the sting of a paddle brush against my delicate rear-end after breaking my mother’s favorite vase, the scratch of my father’s scruff as I sat with him in his recliner watching “Louis and Clark”, the whistle of the midnight train that no longer passes at night.

  2. Lolly DJ

    I see it through my own eyes.

  3. I see it from the outside.

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