Well This Is A Good Sign

Good to know.

So it’s been all of 48 hours and already I’m missing my book. Last night after I put my kids to bed I kind of wandered around the house, saying, “what do I do now?” to myself. And today all the time I usually spend thinking about what I’m going to write later that night felt like the same thing. There’s a book-shaped hole in my heart right now. I don’t like this advice to sit and wait for awhile before starting to edit. I’m not sick of writing. I don’t feel like taking a break. I feel like jumping right into the second book (my cliffhanger ending is apparently most vexing, even to the author who knows what comes next).

At the very least I want to re-write the first two chapters. That’s not considered editing, is it? That’s, like, writing things better than they were before. Totally different. Right?


~ by Nicole Bross on October 1, 2012.

I wrote, now you write.

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