I’ve been hideously sick all week with some sort of mutant cold so I haven’t written anything in days. My head is too slow and achey and all my thoughts are dull so I figure there’s just no point.

Today a librarian friend of mine posted a link to the Library Hotel in Manhattan, which uses the Dewey Decimal System to give each of its floors and rooms a theme. I love the concept, and I’m still pondering which room I’d choose, if I could have any. Paranormal to honour my own subject matter? Ancient Languages? Mythology? If I had my kids with me, it would have to be Dinosaurs since they’re both mad for them, and I’ve no doubt my husband would pick Advertising.

Then through a series of clicks I found myself reading about the Sylvia Beach Hotel, and this, this my friends, is going to be the home of my next writing retreat. I think I’d like Jane’s room, since I feel a strong kinship with her. A week alone on the Oregon coast with my laptop would be heaven. I’m aiming for late spring, 2014. Something to look forward to, especially in these dark days when I can barely get out of bed!