On Moving Mountains and Such

Thursday nights are usually my night out to write – I go to my favourite coffee shop, settle myself down with a chai latte and a salted caramel square and pound away at the keyboard for a few hours. I always get a lot done, even more than if I take the same amount of time at home. Home writing is not Higher Ground writing.

Tonight my husband had this work thing to go to, and so that meant no writing night out for me (besides the fact that we’re a single-car family, it’s frowned upon to leave the five-year-old in charge of the three-year-old for the evening, I’m told).

Instead, in a fit of genius, I brought the coffee shop to me.

The Home Cafe

The Home Cafe

Yes, I’m dorky enough to set up my little cafe table in front of the window, just like my favourite table at my place, make myself a mug of tea and work, just like I would if I was out. Instead of people, I can watch my cats, who are endlessly amusing, or the occasional car go around the cul-de-sac. And I don’t have to compete with others for the sole electrical outlet!

Happy writing, everyone :)


~ by Nicole Bross on March 7, 2013.

One Response to “On Moving Mountains and Such”

  1. Well, now you’ve got your own writing nook, and I don’t think you’re dorky for doing it. Also, you’re there for your children and the felines, too. And you’ll always be able to get a good mug of tea, no charge!

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