What goes here?

What goes here?

I’ve been sitting, staring at this page for the better part of an hour – or rather, glancing at it, then closing the window in disgust and going back to read about kittens and typewriter maintenance and eating boxes and boxes of crackers.

I feel like I’m being dragged out to my death in stormy seas by a vicious riptide, trying to write these days. The words just aren’t there. The ones I do manage to shovel out seem dull and uninspired. All I see when I write, is how much work editing is going to be.

I’m so close to finishing my first draft, and I feel like things should be different. If I’m not excited about writing the climax, will people be excited about reading it? None of my characters are getting along at the moment, and writing conflict is right up there with taking a cross-country trip on a bus with a broken toilet, for me. Right now I’m plugging my nose and praying I can make it to my destination.


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  1. My suggestion? Go for a walk, bring your ipod, and just let your mind relax. Once you’ve relaxed, put on some intense music and visualize the climactic scene in your mind. Is the climax you’ve been planning to write really the way you want your book to end? Or is there an even better way to end the story? Think, reflect, sing along to the music, and once you’ve figured out what to do, go back home and write that sucker!!!

    • I really like that idea. It’s been pouring rain the last few days and isn’t expected to stop anytime soon, so maybe a looooong transit trip instead? 😉

      • Transit works! Make sure you stair out the window to get lots of visual stimulation from the city/countryside. And bring water, because public transit in the summer gets warm and dehydrating.

  2. I feel your pain. I hope you find some inspiration (and a working toilet) soon. =*)

    • Thanks. 🙂 I’m going to go sit in a coffee shop tonight and force myself to just work through it.

  3. I felt the same way when I came close to the ending of my first novel. It seemed as if I couldn’t make it past the finish line, so I just let it sit until I was inspired again. I find what also helps is doing short writing exercises, especially in genres you would typically not consider. It’s like when you forgot a name or where you put something important and cram your brain to find the information but can’t get to it. Yet when you’re doing something completely different, the answer is suddenly there. I hope you feel inspired soon and the words start flowing again!

  4. Writing is ridiculously hard. It’s nearly impossible, really. Sometimes it’s magical and words flow down the screen like rain on windows, but mostly it’s soul-wrenchingly difficult. But we love it anyway. You will get past the ugh, and make beautiful stuff. You can do it!

  5. I agree with Michelle, and would add: tell yourself you aren’t allowed to write for a certain period of time. The mental rest plus the “restriction” usually give me lots of creative energy!

    • I gave it a couple days’ sulking and then went out to write at my coffee place and blew my previous one-night word-count record out of the water. Back on track now and within 5,000 words of being finished the first draft!

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