Meet Pinkie Pie

A pink Royal Quiet De Luxe from 1956.

A pink Royal Quiet De Luxe from 1956.

So from pretty much the very first moment I started collecting typewriters, a Royal Quiet De Luxe has been tops on my list. The mod styling, the features, the bright colours – it’s everything I want in a typewriter. At the time I thought red was the one I had to have, but now that I have Pinkie, I realize the error of my ways, because she’s absolutely perfect for me.

I bought her on eBay, and she came to me covered in gunk from tape and a weird white powdery-sticky residue. I spent an entire evening cleaning her up, but now she’s in near-perfect condition. The R key sticks a bit, but I think it’s nothing a bit of degreaser won’t fix, and other than needing a new ribbon, she’s ready to roll.

I am completely in love with this one.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love your new acquisition!

  2. I love Pinkie Pie; she’s gorgeous. I had read about another typewriter acquisition of yours, but did not know you were a serious collector. How many do you have?

    • I have eight now. I don’t know if that counts as a serious collector or not, but I do love them. I’m elbows-deep in the restoration of another one at the moment – when it’s working I’m sure I’ll post about it.

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