Do you celebrate when you finish a novel? Treat yourself in some way? Maybe a bottle of champagne, some decadent chocolate or a fancy spa massage?

I haven’t up until this point, beyond a self-congratulatory blog or facebook post and the basking in the positive comments that follows. But I’m thinking that once I finish the last book in this series, The Unknowing – and I mean finished, edited, proofed and put to bed – I’m going to give myself something really special. Partly to commemorate what’s been a fantastic experience for me, and partly as a reward for a whole lot of hard work, learning and growth.

And I know just the thing. In the series, the main character, Callie, receives a very special bracelet which figures into the story arc several times. It’s a fine silver-coloured bracelet with eight stones – seven clear quartz and one rose quartz. And I’m going to have one made just like it.

Rose quartz crystal. Isn’t it pretty?

I like the idea of not only a reward, but one that’s directly related to the accomplishment. I’m probably a good year away from reaching my goal so this won’t be adorning my wrist anytime soon, but I’m on my way. And won’t it make for a great story when someone comments on it!?


Decisions, Decisions


Couldn’t Help Myself


  1. Good on you – why not? I will let you know when I actually finish one!!! Although, getting very close 😉

    • That’s awesome! It’s such a fantastic feeling 🙂 Although in some ways, I never really feel like any of them are finished. There’s always a word to change here, a sentence to cut there… maddening really. 😉

  2. That’s a fabulous idea, I love it. An excellent piece of self-marketing too 🙂

  3. What beautiful rose quartz!

    • Isn’t it pretty? It’s always been one of my favourite gemstones. No surprise it found its way into my story…

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