I’ve often heard other writers say their characters are in control of the story and they’re just along for the ride, that every day writing is an exercise in finding out what they’re going to do next. That is so not me. Even when I was technically a pantser with no outline on paper, I still knew the complete storyline in my head and spent a great deal of time every day plotting out what the next day’s writing would look like.

So imagine my surprise when I realized this week that I, too, don’t seem to have much say in what some of my characters are doing. Two of them keep making out. In my head, I’m all, “okay, here comes a suspenseful and dangerous bit,” and then my fingers hit the keyboard and they proceed to try and take each other’s pants off. I’m at my wit’s end over it. I need things to happen, and those things don’t include kissing. I mean sometimes they do, but only when I say so, dammit!

The last couple books I’ve read have been rather smutty. Maybe that’s the cause. Whatever it is, I need to get things back on track, and I fear my delete button is going to be putting in a lot of work this weekend. Or maybe I’ll just run with it and see how things pan out, because you never know. Maybe sometimes the characters do know best.


“Nothing I like doing more than spanking rocks with my baby.”


Why Wait Until New Year’s?


  1. I think you’re right — a lot of it might just be because of what you’re reading, or what you’re feeling at the time. I’ve noticed in my own writing that my characters tend to get a lot more lovey-dovey when I’ve recently been on a Disney movie spree. Similarly, if I’ve recently read, say, Hunger Games, my characters tend to get injured and angsty a lot more.

    • Interesting! I need to find something good and kick-assy to read next then, and maybe leave The Fault in Our Stars for another time.

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