Check out what people are saying about Past Presence, Nicole Bross’ debut novel!

Past Presence is Nicole Bross’s debut novel, and what a debut it is. She delivers an imaginative and clever story… One gets the feeling there may be a little something in the author that likes to color outside the lines of social conformity, which makes her a great match for readers of modern fiction. Nicole Bross’s Past Presence is a thoroughly satisfying curl-up-in-your-pajamas-and-read-it-straight-through supernatural delight.

Colorado Book Review,  ★★★★★

Bross rolls out multiple timelines, from Audrey’s very modern life to a tiny Russian mountain village, with evocative prose, a skilled lens, and a fair amount of bedroom-based heat, that asks the deeper questions about why people are drawn to the same souls, no matter the era, and if the sins of our pasts can ever be redeemed. A thrilling read combining historical fiction, paranormal suspense, and good old fashioned mystery, I can’t wait to see what’s next for both author Nicole Bross and her fearless hero, Audrey Eames.

August Norman, author of Come and Get Me ★★★★★

This intriguing story captures the imagination from the beginning… The plot moves to its surprising end through unexpected twists. Bross delivers an imaginative tale full of tense turns to an ending that does not disappoint.

Diane C. McPhail, author of The Abolitionist’s Daughter ★★★★★

It’s been a while since I’ve been this into a book… There was so much in this novel that I didn’t expect like discussions around abortion, race, religion, small-town rumour mills, etc. There’s so much about this novel that I loved.

Goodreads Review ★★★★★

Nicole Bross, where have you been! Excellent story, superb character development. The descriptions of the town, the people and the other surroundings make you feel as if you are there breathing the salty, coastal air. I absolutely could not put it down!

Amazon Review ★★★★★

Excellent read, this is a book that stands out as something special. Great story, well plotted and unmissable. If I had a hard copy, it would probably be dog-eared by now.

Goodreads Review ★★★★★

Past Presence has it all – interesting characters, romance, masterful suspense, and a clever ending full of surprises.

Amazon Review ★★★★★