Royal Family Portrait

Another package arrived at my door this morning, and through the wonder of Facebook real-time conversations, an idea was born to take a family portrait of the Royals.

Mr. and Mrs. Royal, the proud parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Royal, the proud parents.

Papa Royal is an Aristocrat with a script typeset from 1963. Sturdy, a little round around the edges, but his soft side becomes apparent when you see his cursive writing. Mama Royal we’ve met before in Meet Pinkie Pie. She’s actually seven years older than Papa – quelle scandale! Pinkie is a doting mother, watching over her children from her spot on top of the bookshelf.

Mama and Papa have three lovely children.

The Twins.

The Twins.

Two rambunctious Royal Portables keep their parents on their toes. Although they are twins, they have very different personalities. The blue one, from 1930, is the younger brother and is a people-pleaser, always typing smoothly. He has an adventurous streak, however, and has the scars to prove it. The brown one from 1929 is a complex machine, fastidious in keeping his faux wood grain exterior spotless, but stubborn and rebellious, sometimes refusing to advance his ribbon, even if it starts to shred. Now that the twins have been reunited (the brown one just got home from a semester away at school today), the two are inseperable, each seldom leaving the other’s side.

The Baby.

The Baby.

The Royals recently welcomed a new member to the family, a Royalite from 1964. Her pastel yellow body and light weight belie an easy-going, competent machine. She’s fiercely protected by her two older brothers.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Don’t they make a lovely family?

Their friends and neighbours can only sigh and listen to this on repeat:

Want to learn more about my typewriters? Check them out here.


~ by Nicole Bross on October 3, 2013.

4 Responses to “Royal Family Portrait”

  1. Good looking family! Love that song too x

  2. I think your Royals are such a lovely family! The individual biographies are interesting and the family picture is awesome!
    One question: How many manual typewriters are in your enthusiastic and safe care now? ;-D

  3. […] name is Uncle Robin. If you’re wondering why, see my post on The Royal Family. He fits in nicely, don’t you think? And he looks pretty spiffy sitting beside Pinkie […]

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