Month: November 2013

Couldn’t Help Myself

Another Royal Quiet De Luxe, this one from 1955.

Another Royal Quiet De Luxe, this one from 1955.

His name is Uncle Robin. If you’re wondering why, see my post on The Royal Family. He fits in nicely, don’t you think? And he looks pretty spiffy sitting beside Pinkie Pie.

I’m just smitten.

This one types so easy. I started tapping away and before I knew it I’d filled half a page.

Total typewriter count: 14. I also bought a cursive 1962 Hermes 3000 this week (it’s haunted! More on that soon) and an Olympia Monica from Germany with both a QWERTZ keyboard and the techno Senatorial font. At this point I’m starting to wonder where I’m going to put them all…

Want to learn more about my typewriters? Check them out here.


Do you celebrate when you finish a novel? Treat yourself in some way? Maybe a bottle of champagne, some decadent chocolate or a fancy spa massage?

I haven’t up until this point, beyond a self-congratulatory blog or facebook post and the basking in the positive comments that follows. But I’m thinking that once I finish the last book in this series, The Unknowing – and I mean finished, edited, proofed and put to bed – I’m going to give myself something really special. Partly to commemorate what’s been a fantastic experience for me, and partly as a reward for a whole lot of hard work, learning and growth.

And I know just the thing. In the series, the main character, Callie, receives a very special bracelet which figures into the story arc several times. It’s a fine silver-coloured bracelet with eight stones – seven clear quartz and one rose quartz. And I’m going to have one made just like it.

Rose quartz crystal. Isn’t it pretty?

I like the idea of not only a reward, but one that’s directly related to the accomplishment. I’m probably a good year away from reaching my goal so this won’t be adorning my wrist anytime soon, but I’m on my way. And won’t it make for a great story when someone comments on it!?