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Six Sentence Sunday

I looked around the store, searching for distraction. Without Dane’s input, the herbs and other plants in the jars held little interest for me, and I’d examined all the posters by now. The old-fashioned cash register caught my attention for a minute, with its round buttons and tarnished brass plating, but that soon grew old too. Hopping down from my perch, I added ‘for X-Men auditions’ to the ‘closed’ sign and set it back in the window.

“Leave the sign alone, Mia,” Dane growled from the office.

“What sign?” I called back, tiptoeing away.


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Six Sentence Sunday

I don’t go rummaging around in other peoples’ minds, thank you,” I said. “You’re reading too much into all this, Dane, so I pick things up quickly, big deal. I’m just a normal girl, other than the whole empath thing.”

“Is that really how you think of yourself? A girl?” he asked.

“What the hell else would I think of myself as?” I said, baffled.

“A woman,” he said. I flushed.


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(I missed the deadline to submit the link to the site this week, but I’m putting up my six anyway)

Six Sentence Sunday

“Fucking hell, that hurt!” he yelled, rubbing the spot where the stick had hit.

“When you’ve had your knees knocked out from under you or been thrown down onto the concrete floor a few times you can complain about it hurting, now are you coming at me, or did I kill you?”

“Assuming that was the blade and not the handle that hit, you killed me,” he said.

“You weren’t prepared for everything,” I pointed out, careful to keep my face neutral.

“No, I was not,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Good, now show me how to use the crossbow.”


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Putting It Out There

I’m thinking about doing Six Sentence Sunday for the next little while. One thing I haven’t done on this blog is add any samples of what I’ve been writing. I like what I write – I really do – but I have this inferiority issue where I think that no one else will. Even though the few people I’ve shared with are all “MORE WE WANT MORE. MORE CHAPTERS. RIGHT NOW.” Well now it’s time to punch fear in its fucking face. I don’t want to spend hours sifting through my writing looking for the bits that I think are the awesomest, so I think I’ll just take six from whatever I’ve written that day. And there will be rules, because I like rules.

1. Thou shalt not receive any context. All thou shall get is six.

2. Thy own post shall be true to what I have written.

3. Wretchedness shalt not prevail shouldst thy forget to post.

4. Thy use of autopost shall be permitted in cases of grand voyages and other distractions.

5. Such a challenge as this shall inspire thy best writing lest thou giveth words of woe.

Seriously, people used to talk like that?

Stay tuned for the first edition, coming September 2.

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