I am so very lucky to have the support of friends and family in my writing. They make it possible for me to find the time to write, encourage me when I’m faltering and provide feedback as I go along. So, a few thanks:

My husband, who for the past seven months has left me completely alone in the only room with a TV even though I know lots of times he wanted to watch Jimmy Fallon, so that I could write on the comfy couch. Besides that, he never complained when I chose writing over housework or went on overnight writing retreats, and even took our kids camping for a weekend so I could have the house to myself. And while he hasn’t read it, he says he will even though I know it’s not his thing. I’m a lucky girl.

My three early readers, who have accepted my story a few chapters at a time and have provided valuable feedback. You catch the things I miss and point me in directions I would have never thought of.

My parents, who have encouraged me since I was a kid, and told me over and over again that I could do it if I tried, until I finally believed them. Knowing that my family believes in me has been so instrumental in overcoming the fear of starting.

All my other friends who’ve cheered me on along the way, and who don’t mind when I bug them with weird questions about aspects of their lives or interests that I want to include in my story.

I love you all.



Well This Is A Good Sign


And Away We Go


  1. I saw so much of my life in this post. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Having support from your family and friends mean a great deal. You need a strong foundation to start from and the support might be the one extra thing that pushes you to success.

    Very wonderful blog you have here. You have my support also! I also subscribed to your posts. Have a great day!

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