Here’s a Little Pick-Me-Up For You

Life got you down? Maybe you’re not happy with what you wrote this week, editing is driving you around the bend, you’re fed up waiting for the snow to melt or you just stubbed your toe?

Consider this. I have a part-time job at a natural baby-goods store and one of my responsibilities – and I am absolutely not making this up – is to sniff used (albeit in theory washed) cloth diapers to assess them for consignment.

So if things aren’t going your way, just remember this: at no point today did you have to stick your nose in a diaper and take a big whiff. I did.

You’re welcome.


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  1. Hmmmm. I don’t think this is as malodorous and time consuming as dealing with feline litter boxes. I try to regard it as a mental, Zen-like exercise in patience. ;o)

    • I have a few of those too so I get you. My cats are geriatric so they don’t always quite make it either. :/

      • My diva girl is now fourteen, and when you calculate cat years into human ones, she’s now older tha I am! ;o)

  2. I hear you! I spent three summers in college interning with the Department of Environmental Quality–Solid Waste division. Landfill inspection on hot summer days is NOT sexy.

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