Away they go, off through the intertubes, and who knows what will become of them?

Safe travels, brave queries. May your reception be warm and encouraging.


Deep Breaths


Good Advice (NSFW)


  1. I just found your blog, and your recent posts are really resonating with me. Best wishes! I just sent off a round of queries, too, and I am now fighting slight nausea and the urge to check my inbox every three seconds.

    • Thanks, and good luck to you too! I’m not nauseous yet, that’ll probably hit with the first rejection. I had a moment’s fear after I sent the first one, but it was just an auto-reply confirming it had been received. Whew! 🙂

  2. Someone told me to embrace the first rejection as a Rite of Passage on the road to becoming an Author. Every writer gets them…many of them. It’s a fact of life. Don’t be despondent. And remember, we are no longer beholden to those who guard the gates of the publishing world. Self-publishing is now an option.
    Taht said, enjoy the anticipation of that first acceptance!

    • Rite of passage: achieved. There was a form rejection in my inbox when I got up this morning… :/ I’m not despondent though. Onward and upward…

  3. Please, please do not let notices of rejection depress the daylight out of you. Instead, think of all the authors who were rejected by so-called professional editors, who hung in there, and became successful writers, as in, published authors!!

    • Totally! It really doesn’t bother me at all right now, actually. I know it’s a fact of life. No one gets accepted the very first time. I’m in this for the long haul, I know it could take awhile.

      • Just think of all the great stories you’ll put on pages in the interim. Don’t turf any of them; there may come a day, and an idea, where stuff from a story or a few chapters written and shelved a few weeks/months ago could be rearranged/used in the current opus. :o)

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