Every debut author needs a debut launch party! I was so happy to celebrate the release of Past Presence with friends, family and new readers at Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary. I had hoped for ten or fifteen people to show up, but about 50 people came for a reading, signing and chat. The second time they had to bring out more chairs, I started to cry, and I ended up reading to a standing-room-only full house. My gratitude cannot be quantified.

Look at all these people!


My hands AND my voice were shaking, as I read chapter one of Past Presence.

Of course I brought a typewriter so people could leave me encouraging messages.

It’s a night I will never forget.

CBC Calgary even came out and filmed a segment! You can catch it here at the 27:40 mark, it was their end-of-program local feel-good story of the night 🙂

Many thanks to Angela for the pictures, and Becky for your reporting!