Some nights I don’t get a lot of words down on my electronic paper, but I do a lot of reading and researching for points large and small. I love this project because I’ve gotten to read up on such a diverse list of things. Topics so far have included:

  • electric guitars
  • Montmartre
  • tarot
  • strip-club scams
  • keratin in human hair vs spider silk
  • automatic writing
  • Roman mythology
  • Earth energy
  • alchemy
  • funny t-shirts
  • tectonic plates and tidal waves in the Southern hemisphere
  • phobias

Not everything I’ve researched has actually been implemented in the story, but knowing a bit about something that will be useful in the future helps me plot out those sections in my head. I spent most of tonight trying to tease out a synonym for something that I liked the sound of, and just now, at this moment, thought of a way that I could just make up my own instead and have it seem plausible. Because plausibility is important when you’re writing supernatural fiction, right?