Let’s Be Honest Here

I just ctl+A+deleted a big long whiny post about how I feel like I’m sabotaging myself and not living up to my potential blah blah blah.

Reservation for the Pity Party, table of one, come this way, please.

Then I read this comic by the Oatmeal.

And right after that, this post by the Bloggess.

And together, they showed me two things:

  1. I’m probably more awesome than I feel right now.
  2. It’s okay to not be brave, sometimes.

And also, maybe, that when life has you down, the universe will offer you a sign so you can pick yourself up again. So thanks, universe. Message received, loud and clear.

This is what’s going on repeat tonight:

Time to get back to work.


First-World Problems for Writers


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  1. Hello, I have tagged you in The Next Big Thing blog hop! Find the details over on my blog, in a post of the same name. See-ya!

  2. We all have those days…

    • Sigh. Seems like there are too many of them these days. Can’t wait for solstice so the days start getting longer again. (did I just out myself as a hippie woo woo there?)

      • This is a brutal time of year, but personally, I think February is when I start to lose it seasonally-affective-wise. We celebrate Solstice at our house as a religious holiday, so you are in good company.

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